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BOTOX for Wrinkles

Are you noticing more crows feet, frown lines, and forehead wrinkles when you look in the mirror? When skin tightening surgery is not an ideal option, we offer clinically proven BOTOX® cosmetic injections at Naked Yeti for the non-surgical treatment of moderate to severe wrinkles in the brow area.

Injectables are the secret to looking youthful. It's all in the expertise of the injector to get you the best results possible. Injectables can eliminate deep wrinkles, fine lines and simply give you a refreshed look. There are different techniques that are used for specific areas of the face. As you age, fat loss and wrinkles do occur and injectables can help prevent and fill in wrinkles due to volume loss.

Under Eye Filler

Tear trough correction can help alleviate and reduce the look of tired eyes. Under eye filler is a highly skilled type of injection that only the best injectors can offer. It can instanly provide a more youthful and less tired look.

Filler for Cheek Volume

Volume loss in the cheek area is one of the first facial indicators of aging. Unfortunately, fat loss in the cheek area can create a sagging look in the cheek area. Carefully placed injectables can have you looking refreshed without looking overdone.

Filler for Smile Lines

Smile lines or marionette lines can look like deep wrinkles around the edges of the mouth. Aging can make these lines look even deeper and can be visiually unappealing. Filler is a ideal for these types of lines. The results are immediate and can have you looking renewed within the hour.

Jawline Contouring with Filler

Jawline definition can enhance all facial features. Filler is used in the jawline for both men and women in order to achieve a more defined and contoured look. This can help accent many facial features in additon to a chizzled jawline.

Fat Loss with KYBELLA

KYBELLA is an amazing new injectable treatment that reduces fat under the chin area. All with out surgery. The treatment destroys fat cells permanently! Call to schedule to see if you're a candidate for the treatment today. Say goodbye to double-chins!

Results with BOTOX

Results with  Filler

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