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At EZential rejuvenation and wellness center ourpriority is 100% satisfaction of our customers. It is our belief that developing a trusting relationship with our clients and providing realistic expectations is the key to a successful and harmonious long lasting relationship. Our practitioners are both qualified in hormone optimization and hold over 15 years of experience in the aesthetic field. A combination of both quality, experience and the drive to meet our clients goals is what helps usstand apart in rejuvenation and wellness. In a hectic world with multi task driven lives, we seldom have time to relax. Here at EZential we promise a zenful experience that finds balance between health and beauty.  After all, we all need a little Zen in our lives.

Francisco Dieguez, MD

Dr. Francisco Dieguez, Medical Director of EZential Rejuvenation and Wellness Center, is a celebrated and accomplished interventionalist cardiologist who is branching out into the world of rejuvenation and wellness. EZential is housed within the Vascardio Heart & Vascular Institute—the home of Dr. Dieguez’s practice. It all started with a laser purchased by Dr. Dieguez, which at first was for vein removal and other vascular related treatments. Then the doctor had a revelation that made him see the laser in a different light which led to EZential’s broad selection of non-invasive laser treatments and aesthetics procedures. In addition to these treatments, he’s a key player in the health aspect of the wellness center, featuring hormone replacement therapy working in concert with weight loss and cardioprotective health. Dr. Dieguez’s commitment to quality care in his practice carries over into EZential. His objective has always been to deliver the best patient care while still maintaining a personable and humanistic approach to each individual he treats. The necessity to soothe the person’s soul while curing physical ailments is a constant in his core of treatment ethics.

Dr. Marisol Llamera, DNP

Marisol is a passionate advocate for health, wellness, and beauty as a whole. Marisol earned her Doctoral Degree at Touro University. She has a strong cardiovascular background and specializes in the diagnoses and treatment of hormone imbalances for females and males. Dr. Llamera is well rounded in the most up to date hormone treatment modalities available including creams, gels, troche, RDT, pellets and peptides

.“It is rewarding to provide that balance that creates happiness and longevity. As a busy professional and mother, my goal is to provide non-invasive options in health and beauty with minimal downtime and fast results.”

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